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Welcome to our new addition, BLISS Juices and Ice Cream. 

Bliss Juices and Ice Cream came about as the perfect extension to Manakeesh Cafe to complete our version of Little Beirut. Located in the same building, we offer fresh squeezes juices and custom smoothies made to order. Scrumptious waffles and crepes are sizzled and topped in front of you for the perfect brunch. Piping hot soups are poured to pair perfectly with specialty salads. If you are craving Ice Cream, we offer 9 flavors daily of creamy, delicious locally sourced ice cream.

In addition, don't miss our Lebanese favorites, like artistic fruit cocktails, authentic Lebanese ice cream, Bouza, and our assortment of delicious Lebanese puddings. 

At Bliss, we take pride in the quality and the freshness of our ingredients. All of our fruits are locally sourced and picked several times a week. And for the health conscious consumer, we offer options featuring black seed, fennel, cardamom, ginger, and whey.

All of this, combined with our beautiful interior space, multiple seating options (including outdoor seating), free wi-fi, and friendly service, will guarantee that your experience at Bliss will be quite unique. Look forward to seeing you!


Our Complete Menu




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Manakeesh Cafe Bakery

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  • Mo D.

    WARNING, mini rant alert..... A couple of years ago while at NYU I met a Pakistan guy and he took me on a date to eat some of his culture food. I had some...read more

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