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Halal & Middle Eastern Food Catering in Philadelphia
Looking to spice up your special occasion with some delicious Lebanese food? We at Manakeesh Café provide Middle Eastern catering in the Philadelphia area! We cater for a variety of events, including graduation parties, weddings, and corporate functions. Our talented staff can prepare a large quantity of food for any type of item on the menu that you desire. We can accommodate parties of any size. We can provide Halal catering in Philadelphia for events anywhere from 10 to 500 people!

Lebanese Catering
Our Halal catering in Philadelphia is the best in the city! Choose from several of our catering menu options, featuring various rice dishes as well as catering portions of our delicious appetizers! In addition to our catering menu, customers are welcome to order off of our regular menu as well.

All of our catering is packaged professionally and ready to impress your guests!

Order a Custom Dessert for Your Event
Along with a selection of entrees, we also provide catering for desserts. Customers can opt to have one of our custom sweet trays made to order. Our quality bakery full of talented and motivated chefs allows us to provide the best Halal catering in Philadelphia when it comes to sweets. We assure you that our dessert catering will satisfy all of your guests with a sweet tooth!

Quality Cuisine for All of Your Guests
When you opt for our Middle Eastern catering of Philadelphia, you can expect your entrees to be professionally packaged and ready to be devoured upon unwrapping. Our catering is affordable and can accommodate any event budget. We take pride in providing our Philadelphia community with top-notch Middle Eastern catering!

To inquire about our catering or to place an order, you can email us via our online form in the contact us page. We ask that you please place your catering order at least 48 hours in advance.

Whether it's a simple lunch for 10, or a gala for 500, Manakeesh has got you covered! Our catering comes professionally packaged and ready to be devoured by your guests!

When it comes to catering, we offer several options:

1. Order off of our regular menu, and we will take 10% off of orders over $100, and 15% off of order over $200. (Good rule of thumb is usually 1 manakeesh per person).

2. Order from our custom menu of dishes for special events, priced per person (Minimum 15 people per dish):

  • Dish Description Price/Person
    Mjaddara Lentil and Rice Dish (V) $4.75
    Riz 3a Jaj Chicken over Rice $6.25
    Riz w/Lahme Savory beef Strips over Rice $7.50

    Ground lamb/beef patties served with tomatoes and potatoes


    Gyro over Rice


ADD a side of RICE: $2.75/person. (Minimum 15 people)


3. Choose from our selection of delicious appetizers and sides/salads:

  • Item Description Price
    Minis Mini Manakeesh available in zaatar, cheese, meat, pizza, and spinach

    $10/dozen (min 3 dozen)

    Hummus Creamy chickpea spread w/pita (V) $10 per 5 people
    Baba Ghannouj Roasted eggplant spread w/pita (V) $12 per 5 people
    Grape Leaves Stuffed with rice and marinated in a lemony dressing (V) $10/dozen
    Fattoush Salad Traditional Lebanese green salad, w/pita chips (V) $10 per 5 people
    Tabbouleh Salad Chopped parsley, lemon, bulgur, tomato, and onion (V) $13 per 5 people
    Lebanese Salad Leafless salad, with tomato, mint, thyme, and cucumber (V) $11 per 5 people
    Fool Hot fava bean spread, topped with olive oil and parsley w/pita (V) $18 per 5 people
    Falafel Crispy fried chick pea balls (V) $.75 for 1 ball
    Labneh Yogurt cheese spread, w/pita (V) $10 per 5 people


Don't forget to add a custom cake or sweet tray!

In addition to our standard catering menu, we offer items for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, graduations, etc. Here are some of the other items available by request:

  • Appetizers
    • Guacamole on toasted bread
    • Bruschetta
    • Fresh mozzarella sticks with tomato and basil
    • Cucumber Bites
    • Shrimp bites
    • Shrimp shooters
    • Smoked salmon with capers and dill
    • Vegetables and dip
  • Stationary Appetizers
    • Selected cheeses with crackers and bread
    • Vegetables (with dip)
    • Hummus (original, roasted red peppers, olives)
    • Baba ghannouj
    • Assorted bread and butter
    • Green beans sautéed in olive oil
    • Fried cauliflower with tahini sauce
    • Fried eggplant with sauce
    • Fried potato with cilantro and garlic
    • Minis (samousik, pizza, kihsk, sfeeha, spinach)
  • Salads
    • Tabbouleh
    • Fattoush
    • Caesar
    • Lebanese
  • Entrées
    • Lamb with rice
    • Beef shawarma with rice
    • Chicken with rice
    • Salmon teriyaki with couscous
    • Samke Harra (fish with tahini sauce)
    • Kafta patties with potato and green pepper and tomatoes
    • Tawook (skewers with mushroom/green peppers)
    • Roasted vegetables
    • Roasted potato
    • Your choice of pasta
  • Desserts
    • Mini tarts, cheese cakes, eclairs, tiramisu
    • Baklava
    • Basboosa
    • Black forest cake
    • White forest cake
    • Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • Drinks
    • Sodas
    • Fresh Fruit Juice
    • Lemonade/Ice Tea

The best way to order or inquire is by sending us a message through the Contact Us page. Please include number of guests expected, date of event, as well as the best way to contact you.

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