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For decades the people of Lebanon have enjoyed manakeesh - a delicious Middle Eastern flatbread and breakfast of choice for many in its home country. These delectable discs can be eaten with a wide variety of toppings –

traditionally za’atar, cheese or spiced ground meat (lahm b^ajeen).  But that’s not all, spinach and other veggie or meat toppings are a nice variation to the classic manakeesh. Just keep in mind that the za’atar, a classic mix of thyme/oregano/sumac, olive oil, and sesame is the preferred choice for many Lebanese.  

 We here at Manakeesh Cafe are proud to bring the authentic taste of Lebanon    to Philadelphia and we are excited to offer our manakeesh in 20 different    toppings, infusing it with plenty of other vegan and vegetarian options as well   as all many meat choices.  Come in and discover your   favorite for breakfast, lunch, and   dinner, and share your manakeesh meal with   us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



Our signature sweet, baklava is a filled phyllo pastry whose syrupy richness and nutty interior have ensured a top place in the hearts of dessert lovers everywhere. Enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East,